CTC provides the security you need

Maritime, Air & Ground support

Providing high-risk global crisis and risk management services for more than six years, CTC can provide specific security training and services for high-risk areas around the world. 
We train, assist and detach people worldwide. If it is MARITIME AIR or GROUND support you need, you can count on CTC to deliver the specific security you need!

We set the industry standard for personalised and highly skilled assessment, planning and protection at every level throughout the enterprise, serving multinational corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, individuals, governmental agencies and non-profit organisations. Headquartered in The Netherlands with 4 operational offices worldwide, CTC prides itself on maintaining the highest quality, with local resources on the ground, ready for action in Europe, South Africa, Asia, UAE and all pirate active waters.

Maritime support & training

We provide down to earth and cost effective solutions for both commercial and private vessels and their crews.

Our personnel have many years experience of operating with large and small vessels in both military and commercial environments.

Air support & training

Travel security is one of CTC specialties. We can accompany you either overtly or covertly to your destination.

We can arrange accommodation, armoured transport and even a police escort. We will be present inconspicuously at all times, so that we wont be in your way while you do your business.

Ground support & training

CTC Company focuses on stealth protection.
Our presence will always be as low profile as possible.

In this way it will not be obvious that a client or site even has his own security present. No unnecessary attention is drawn and therefore impact on a client’s lifestyle will be low. Our subjects are usually people within the high risk factor.